Traffic lights and light poles had to make way for these transformers

Each of the four transformers that KAHL SCHWERLAST was to move from Lauenburg to Oststeinbeck in Schleswig-Holstein weighs 300 tons. Only a “G² I K600” could manage that: A Side support bridge with self-propelled modules equipped with 48 BPW pendulum axles. The vehicle is 75 meters long and travels on 384 tires. When loaded, it was 4.70 meters wide and 5.85 meters high. This means that it does not fit over all bridges or under them. The KAHL team therefore worked its way forward piece by piece on federal and country roads: It took around two days to cover 45 kilometers, because driving was only allowed at night and at five kilometers per hour. Even traffic lights and light poles had to be dug out to make room for this unusual transport.

Photo: KAHL

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