1 tour feeds 20 cows for 1 year

This 20-tonne high-speed tractor proves its strength both in the field and on the road for Futtertrocknung Lamerdingen eG. The Bavarian company uses it to drive mown grass to its production hall, where it is used to produce durable cattle feed in pellet form. Of the 20 tonnes that the particularly flexible vehicle can hold on a tour, 20 cows can be fed concentrate for a whole year. The fast loader with trailing and additional steering was designed by the Bavarian vehicle construction specialist ISM IndustrieService Müller – with four BPW axles, two of them are steering axles After all, stability, durability and robustness are particularly crucial in agricultural use, and that with higher mileages due to special vehicle and the increased productivity in agriculture.
Photo: Futtertrocknung Lamerdingen eG
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