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Text: Juliane Gringer
Photos: Bennato Ulisse & Figli, BPW Italia

Telematics, roof height adjustment system, self-steering trailer axle: modern technologies are conquering the fleet. But what do they really achieve? That is exactly what the Italian haulier Bennato Ulisse & Figli wanted to know: As part of the BPW Movin’ Stars campaign, they extensively tested the innovative products of the BPW Group in their day-to-day business for four weeks.

Deliver all goods within Italy within a maximum of 16 hours: This is the ambitious promise that the Bennato Ulisse & Figli haulier from Padua makes to its customers. In addition to a professional team, this requires above all a reliable fleet of vehicles and modern route management – the latter would hardly be conceivable without digital technologies such as Cargofleet 3, the telematics platform from idem telematics. “The system is intuitive and easy to use – and it enables us to connect vehicles with different telematics systems in a single portal,” reports Mauro Bennato, owner of Bennato Ulisse & Figli, after testing Cargofleet 3 in detail. The transport company was allowed to drive a BPW Movin’Stars in summer 2020: These test trailers are fully equipped with the innovative solutions of the BPW Group – from roof height adjustment systems to self-steering trailer axles and lighting. Transport companies can use these trailers free of charge and test them extensively in everyday practice. Because it is only in real vehicle use that it becomes clear how the interaction of the individual components in particular can optimise the economic efficiency of transport.

Punctual, reliable and flexible

Bennato Ulisse& Figli, founded in 1956, is now managed by the second generation. In addition to the headquarters in Padua, northern Italy, there is another subsidiary in Milan. The 100 vehicles of the haulier daily swarm out to destinations such as Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria or Tuscany. The company focuses on quality, experience and above all on punctual, reliable service. To make this possible, they need flexible vehicles in their fleet, which are equipped with tail lifts or roll-off devices, among other things. And they have to control the transports intelligently: here, the management responds to the customers’ requirements with modern technology and software.

Bundled family power: Antonella Bennato, Fabio Bennato, Massimo Bennato and Mauro Bennato (from left) are the second generation of the family to run the company.

Everything in view with the BPW Movin’ Stars

Managing Director Massimo Bennato and his colleague Manolo Fagotto take care of the logistics of the vehicles. During the BPW Movin’ Stars campaign, they were particularly interested in the telematics installed in the test vehicle: “Via Cargofleet 3, we can not only have an overview of tractors and trailers in a single portal,” explains Fagotto. “It is also very useful for us that we can always see where the trailers are – even if they are being used by the owners.” He also appreciates the possibility of monitoring the load on the axles.

During the practical test, the company’s drivers particularly liked the good driving characteristics of the semi-trailer: the Air suspension Airlight II provides a high level of comfort and makes the vehicle particularly easy to manoeuvre. Thanks to the self-steering axle, the truck can be manoeuvred precisely and safely even in tight corners and on small surfaces. During daily loading, the drivers of Bennato Ulisse & Figli often use both the sliding roof of the BPW Movin’ Star and the roof height adjustment system LiftMaster from Hestal. “These systems are now part of our daily work and we appreciate their functionality,” Mauro Bennato describes.

Synonym for quality

The equipment package of the test trailer also includes the Ermax lighting system with polycarbonate lenses and HBN mudguards: “They also convinced us completely,” confirms Bennato. His conclusion: “The test was a positive experience for us in every respect.” For the entrepreneur, the possibility of combining several components from one supplier in one vehicle opens up great potential for optimisation – both in terms of the choice of components in the configuration of the vehicle and the time required for customer service. For him, the most important thing is: “I need to be able to rely on a trustworthy partner to put together a vehicle that forms the basis for the daily work. This has once again been clear for us: BPW is a synonym for quality.”

If you want to experience the BPW effect too, get involved in the campaign: apply for BPW Movin’ Stars. Simply send an email to WolterA@bpw.de – Alexander Wolter will get in touch right away.

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