Technology with wings

Wind turbines are taking on new dimensions: The green energy sources must become more and more powerful and thus towers become bigger and rotor blades longer. This is a challenge for transport, especially on mountainous, winding or wooded terrain. SCHEUERLE is a specialist for wind turbine transport vehicles. The TII Group company has developed a new series solution with which rotor blades more than 80 metres long can be manoeuvred flexibly and with millimetre precision. The weight-optimised system, which uses BPW air-suspended axles, consists of a curve-safe two-axle jeep dolly with free-turning device and a four-axle trailer. The “Blade Adapter Generation 3” has a lifting capacity of 610 metric tons. In order to avoid obstacles, the rotor blades transported with it can be set up to an angle of 70 degrees or rotated endlessly around their own axis.

Photo: TII Group

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