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Text: Petra Wurm
Photos: Spedition Bork, Franz Wirtz GmbH, BPW

The BPW Movin’ Stars campaign enables customers to test the diverse system components produced by BPW Group in fully equipped trailers. The first hauliers to take up the offer report on their findings.

As an international system partner, BPW Group offers not only running gear but a whole portfolio of components that can reduce the total cost of ownership of trailers. In order to allow customers to gain first-hand experience of the quality and efficiency of its perfectly coordinated, integrated solutions, BPW launched a Movin’ Stars campaign at the beginning of the year. Working together with the vehicle manufacturers Fliegl, Kögel, Kässbohrer and Schwarzmüller, it produced four test trailers with integrated solutions from BPW Group. In partnership with PEMA, Euro-Leasing and TIP Trailer Services, the vehicles are being leased for periods of four to eight weeks – the costs are being shouldered by BPW.

One of the first customers to participate in the initiative was Spedition Bork, a forwarder with offices in the state of Hesse. Its business manager Steffen Bork heard about Movin’ Stars at the IAA Commercial Vehicles fair in Hanover. He comments, “We can look back on decades of good experience with BPW; our fleet of refrigerated vehicle is equipped with telematics systems produced by idem telematics.” He explains that secure cargoes are of crucial importance for his company, “On the BPW stand at the fair our attention was drawn to Hestal’s strap lift system, and we were keen to test it in our regular forwarding operations.” Given that conventional systems can be difficult to use, and that loose belts are regularly mislaid, we were interested in a solution that promised to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

Genuine labour-saving device

During six weeks of field testing with a curtainsider built by Fliegl, Bork was able to get to know the benefits of the Hestal strap lift system. The driver can slide the load securing aid to any position from one side of the trailer, and the ease of use is further enhanced by guided roller carriages. Securing the cargo in this way eliminates the laborious task of slinging straps over the load. The strap lift system occupies very little cargo space, and the individual straps can be attached in any position to achieve the best possible security.

Bork carries a wide variety of goods for major commercial corporations. It therefore tested the strap lift system while transporting boilers of various sizes on site for Bosch Thermotechnik. “This strapping solution is especially ideal for our curtainsiders when transporting similar loads,” insists Bork’s fleet manager Kurt Metz. “The straps are always on board and can be repositioned as needed. And the driver no longer has to enter the cargo space to secure the load – it’s a genuine labour and time-saving device that cuts costs as well.”


Die Spedition Bork is an owner-managed, mid-sized forwarding, transportation and logistics company that employs around 400 people. In the core transport business, it operates a fleet of 260 tractor units and 500 trailers, including 200 with refrigerated box bodies. Its home is centrally located in Langgöns in the state of Hesse. The site offers around 30,000 square metres of versatile warehousing and goods handling facilities.


Franz Wirtz is resident in Bornheim near Cologne and a member of the Wirtz Group. As a modern forwarding business and flexible distribution partner, it originates reliable and efficient logistics solutions. The owner-managed enterprise undertakes a variety of assignments and, as a TSR-1 and ISO-9001 certified transporter of refrigerated, high-value, pharmaceutical and dangerous (ADR) goods, is the preferred expert carrier for customers throughout Europe. The site of the centrally located head office also accommodates a modern transit warehouse with integrated cold store.

Coherent all-in package

Franz Wirtz GmbH of Bornheim in the Rhineland was likewise among the first to hire one of the BPW Movin’ Stars trailers. The international forwarder took the opportunity to test a fully equipped Kögel dry freight box body. “We have only good things to say about the installed components, and the drivers were delighted,” remarks managing director Wilfried Wirtz. “The air-sprung running gear ECO Air COMPACT, in combination with BPW’s own ECO Disc brakes, provided appreciable additional safety and comfort in demanding situations, such as when cornering with a full load.” He also praised the fast operation of the BPW landing gear and its light weight, which maximises load capacity. Wirtz acknowledged the compelling benefits of the Ermax lighting system as well, highlighting the brightness of the LEDs, the use of strong materials, and the lights’ sensible positioning to withstand minor collisions while manoeuvring. According to Wilfried Wirtz, “The test demonstrated that the BPW components constitute a coherent all-in package that pays dividends. The technology is well conceived and reflects the outstanding quality to which we have become accustomed from BPW. Not least of all, having a single point of contact for all the components is a practical advantage in itself.”

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