Ships on wheels

A whole 200 heavy-duty axle lines with 1,600 wheels were used by the specialist Hareket to move two passenger ships from dry dock to floating dock at the Turkish Tersan shipyard. The 124-meter-long and 35-meter-high ships weigh 6,200 tonnes each. Although they only had to cover a distance of around 250 metres, the weight and implementation of the transport were a special challenge for Hareket. For this, the company also relied on heavy-duty modules from Goldhofer: 56 modules of the PST/SL-E type with hydrostatic travel drive and electronic multi-way steering. In addition to axles with wheel hub motors, BPW swing axles are used here at the non-driven positions. Furthermore, 36 conventional modules of the THP/SL type were used, all of which are equipped with BPW swing axles. The ships will operate on the North Cape route between Bergen and Kirkenes. They are designed according to the latest environmental standards and can be operated with LNG and batteries, but are also prepared for operation with hydrogen and fuel cells.

Photo: Hareket – Goldhofer
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