First split in two, then given a new life

After many years as an excursion steamer on the Zwischenahner Meer in Lower Saxony, the “MS Oldenburg” is getting a new job: a good 20 kilometers away, it is to be used as a restaurant in the port of Oldenburg. However, to transport it ashore, the 25-meter-long ship had to be cut in two – it would not have been possible to move it as a whole. HÜFFERMANN Krandienst, headquartered in Wildeshausen, took over the loading with mobile cranes and the heavy transport of a total weight of 55 tons with an 8-axle semi low-loader with axles from the company BPW Bergische Achsen KG. Both halves were brought to their destination via country road and freeway. There they were reassembled and welded together. First split in two and then given a new life: By Easter 2022, the ship should be able to welcome its first restaurant guests.


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