A tree moves

This horse chestnut tree in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands had to make way for a housing complex. However, the 70-year-old tree was not felled, but allowed to move! Sustainability is important to the developer and so he organised a new location for the green colossus, 115 metres away as the crow flies. The experts from Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff b.v. brought it there safely – with a 6-axle modular vehicle from Faymonville, type “ModulMAX”. The crown of the tree is 14 metres wide, and the spreading roots were wrapped in a canvas bag for protection. On the way, the biggest challenge was to cross kerbs and dodge lanterns with the tree, which weighs around 40 tonnes, while always keeping the balance. This was achieved thanks to swing axles from BPW: they ensured that the combination always remained in a safe driving position.

Photo: Nederhoff
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