A freight locomotive moves into the museum

Many fans associate great emotions with Märklin’s trains: The model trains from the toy manufacturer from Göppingen run worldwide through lovingly and elaborately designed miniature landscapes. This locomotive 44 1315, on the other hand, is the original size – it was allowed to move into the inner courtyard of the Märklineum, a converted museum at Märklin’s headquarters, on permanent loan. The historic freight locomotive was built by Krupp in Essen in 1942 and was used by the German Federal Railroad until 1977. It was last exhibited at the South German Railway Museum in Heilbronn. From there it travelled by rail to a transhipment point in Göppingen and was then lifted by mobile cranes onto a Goldhofer THP/UT with BPW axles. Heavy haulage contractor Hermann Paule from Stuttgart took the 100 tonne piece to Märklineum, accompanied by many onlookers.

Photo: Hermann Paule
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